Chatham Guy Torches South Yarmouth Guy’s Lawn – Throw Away The Key!

lawn – SOUTH YARMOUTH — Police arrested a Chatham man early Sunday morning after he allegedly threatened his father, set a lawn on fire on Pleasant Street and threatened to kill a police officer.

Police were called to the home at 2:17 a.m., when they found the lawn on fire, Yarmouth police Sgt. Christopher McEachern said.

The suspect, Christopher Seeley, 35, who had allegedly previously threatened his father with a knife, also threatened to kill a police officer, McEachern said.

Do you know how hard it is to light a lawn on fire? You need an accelerant of some sort. You can’t just flick your Bic and expect green grass to light up like a forest fire. This could not have been a crime of passion. Burning a lawn is a premeditated crime, you need to bring a can full of gas with you to torch someones yard.

The bottom line here is this… burning a man’s lawn should be punishable by death. There is a very short list of things you just don’t mess with and another man’s lawn is right behind his daughter on that list. A mans grass has been watered with years of sweat and fertilized with a few tons of pure heart and determination. You don’t just burn down a lawn with a move like this, you torch a man’s soul, and you should be punished accordingly.

If you pull a horrific act like taking away one man’s right to play Bocce all summer then you should have all of your rights taken from you for life.

P.S. Yes I realize he threatened to kill a police officer but I bet you anything any cop would take that over his lawn being torched any day. Death threats are a dime a dozen for those guys, a summer without grass in the yard is unspeakable.

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