Chatham Businesses Want Rte. 28 Paved So Bad They Even Made Signs

rte. 28 pave

WL – More than a dozen businesses have gotten together to decry the “deplorable” condition of Route 28 in West Chatham. And they are taking their message to the streets.

They have put up a number of signs along the roadway pleading that it be paved. The road is abysmal shape, they argue, and the state won’t pave it until the roadway is redone – something town officials have been talking about for years.

I have nothing to say about Rte. 28 in Chatham and whether or not it needs to be paved, or changed, or whatever. I don’t have a horse in this race. The only reason for this blog is to ask a question.

Is putting signs on the street a legitimate way to get things like this done? I’m genuinely confused as to how a lawn sign equates in any way to the government deciding to bust out the gravel and pave a road? Am I missing something here? Is there a chance that the MASS DOT might happen to drive by with their equipment, see the signs, and just start paving shit? I just don’t see how  point A gets you to point B in this case.

What I do know is that I’m not taking any chances. I’m getting in on this sign=results game and I’m going all in. I had our chief graphic designer work all through the night and this puppy has been on my lawn since 7 AM…

beer please

No results yet, but I figure there’ll be at least a 30 pack out there by the end of the day. Unless this lawn sign thing only works in Chatham?

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  1. Haven't you noticed already? Taxachusetts doesn't pave roads unless there is a Federal subsidy. All the tax money is squandered on replacing Romneycare with Obamacare shitcrap websites that don't work.

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