CASTING CALL – Do You Know Someone Who Should Represent Cape Cod On TV?

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Here we go… We are prone to joking around on this website, but I assure you this is no joke. Some of you may already know, but for those of you that don’t, we have been working with a prominent Los Angeles based production company to bring a television show to Cape Cod for a while now. Well, we are officially going into production on a project to do a reality television show about, what else? The Real Cape. This production company works with the Nat Geo network and they are 100% on board with producing a show that is authentic in respect to the Cape Cod that we know and love. We would not have signed off on this project otherwise.

So here’s what we are doing. Since The Real Cape television show needs to be just as real as this website, in conjunction with the production company, we are holding an open casting call for all of you Cape Cod characters. This isn’t going to be some shallow show about sunsets and lighthouses, this is going to be about what really makes Cape Cod tick. Our goal here has always been to shine a national spotlight on the real Cape Cod and we’ve found the perfect company to do it with.

We are looking for the fisherman, the businessmen, the locals and the washashores. We are looking for the carpenters, the bankers and the quahoggers. We are looking for the people that are salty and the people that are saline, we are looking for the people of The Real Cape.

Do you know someone who you’ve always thought should be on television? Let them know about this casting call so we can find the hidden gems that make Cape Cod the Cape Cod that the rest of the country doesn’t know about. Let’s do this together and show the world what makes us such a great community. Let’s show the world The Cape that has culture, let’s show them The Cape that is thriving, The Cape that we love… The Real Cape.

The production team is flying in from Los Angeles over Thanksgiving and we’ve set up a casting call for Saturday November 29th. The executive producers will be on hand with cameras in tow at The Beach House in North Falmouth at 7 Nathan Ellis Highway (corner of 151 and 28A) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please share this post so everyone hears about this opportunity, this casting call is come one, come all, so let’s come together as a community and make a bad ass TV show that represents us the way we want to be represented.

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  1. It doest't get more real than downtown Hyannis. The Kennedy's/Hyport put the Cape on the map. People come here thinking Hyannis is a quaint little Irish village, & get shot & killed having a smoke, or robbed at gunpoint in their senior citizen discount motel room on Main Street. Anything filmed in Falmouth is a distant second to the reality in Hyannis!

  2. Are you going to be highlighting the rampant drug and alcohol abuse that plagues "real Cape Cod"?

  3. I can represent the real Cape Cod. I live in Eastham, surf, and no what it's like to be in a cold dead place in the winter.

  4. Yes. Cause that's all there is here, addicts. I don't see this show accomplishing anything except showing whoever would even want to watch it what a sad group of people we are. I will put money on it that at LEAST half the people will be either heroin users or drunks- probably a few in recovery. yup, it's pretty sad that THAT is how we are known and labeled as…

  5. you know salty and saline are both words describing salt or saltiness right? sry but that stuck out like a sore thumb

  6. Right, but saline also means the solution sodium-chloride which is the sterile, medical version of salt water …there's salty people and saline people. Get it?

  7. Will there be any Wampanoag or mention of them on this show? Doesn't get more "real Cape Cod" than the people who originally inhabited the place!

  8. Very cool. I tried to do something like this a few years ago. It flew somewhat, with local success. I was Host and Producer of "It's The Music,…Man". check it out on FB or on youtube. I'd love to work with you guys. Best of luck!

  9. Local SAG-AFTRA (the New England office)has no record of this production( I just talked to them), so it's probably non-union

  10. Maryellen Johnson Thanks. I figured if they're not indicating one way or the other in the casting notice, it's probably non.

  11. Many of us will be off cape for the Holiday weekend! And Falmouth is a hike so not sure how many people and if you'll get a true cross section of cape codders??? Well good luck anyway…

  12. I hope that the creator is a real Cape Codder. I think it would take a local to get to the interesting stuff. And I don't think your going to find and 'reality' in Falmouth or Sandwich [no offense] because that is the new/metro Cape, full of washashores and Hyannis is just a ghetto now. If you really want to 'taste' the Cape, you might want to focus on P-Town, Truro, Welfleet, Eastham, Chatham and maybe Orleans. That's where the real Cape Codders are…the flavor, flaire and the fun. That's how this show will make it.

  13. You could try and do some filming with my cousin Barry Clifford…that's about all I can think of that would be interesting.

  14. If its about the real Cape, why are they casting in Falmouth? Everyone knows that the real Cape is Dennis and East. You've got to smell the ocean, not the Canal.

  15. You should call Peter Tarnoff in
    O'Ville. He's the real Cape. Master Oyster
    Digger+ cooker, teacher, motorcycle rider
    Sailer and fabulous chef

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