Car Crashes Into Baby’s Bedroom In Yarmouth

car crash babys bedroom – A 2-year-old baby miraculously was not in bed when a car suddenly crashed through the bedroom wall.

A friend of the family was next door, heard the crash and immediately went running to help because, as she told Hyannis News, the baby’s bed was located right up against the wall that had just been struck by a speeding motor vehicle.

Another witness felt fortunate to be unharmed and in one piece after he saw the vehicle go airborne right in front of him. He said he luckily had been driving slow enough to avoid a serious collision.

At about 12:28 am, Yarmouth Rescue and Police rushed to 314 Winslow Gray Road after a single car crashed into the side of the home.

The baby’s bedroom wall was caved in and the home appeared to have structural damage. So much so, the Yarmouth building inspector was summoned to take a careful look at the scene.

The Nissan Versa had heavy front end damage. Airbags had deployed. Its rear bumper was located about 100 feet away on the ground next to damaged traffic island shrubbery. Police were still uncertain as to why the baby was not in her bed this particular evening

That’s it, if I have kids I’m raising them in seclusion in a giant steel cage. Like there’s not enough crap to worry about when you’re bringing a kid into the world these days, now we have to add Nissan Versas crashing through their bedroom walls in the middle of the night to the list?

Good thing that baby went out to smoke a butt right when this happened or this could have been much worse.

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