Cape Moonshine – Carpetbagging We May Be Able To Get Behind

cape moonshine – Some people like to create their own pottery. Others want to write an original story or song, or grow a new kind of tomato, or build a house like no one’s ever seen before.

Rosanna Petrella came up with Cape Moonshine: her very own extra-distilled, 80-proof, gluten-free, made-from-heirloom-corn liquor.

The original inspiration for creating her own liquor came about because “My son was doing a project for school about George Washington,” Petrella explains. She was surprised to learn that this father of our country also happened to be “one of the largest distillers in the United States.”

That historical factoid led to discussions about America’s Prohibition era and thoughts about a bootlegging legend from her husband Matt’s hometown on Cape Cod. The story, says Petrella, was that rum runners used to land their illegal cargos at the end of a beach road in Hyannis.

It was an interesting combination, one that ultimately resulted in Cape Moonshine.

Normally I’m not a fan of outside companies cashing in on the Cape Cod name to peddle their wares. This one has a few different things going for it though. First off George Washington made moonshine. So yeah, ‘Murrica! Next we find out her husband is a native and that it’s inspired by runners who used to land their cargo on the beaches of Hyannis. Pretty good street cred for a couple from Stepford CT. It still remains to be seen if  they are Red Sox or Yankees fans.

So the other thing Cape Moonshine has going for it is that it is, in fact… MOONSHINE. This is obviously going to earn them great favor with the residents of The Cape where moonshine is revered almost as much as missing traffic on the Bourne Bride at 5 p.m. on an August Friday. I’m putting you on notice Cape Moonshine, you have a ton going for you out of the gates, but only time (and samples) will tell if you gain the backing of the Peninsula.

In conclusion I would like to say to Rosanna Petrella that the obvious move to get street credit for you Moonshine is to kindly ship a bottle to The Real Cape headquarters so some tried and true boozehounds can decide if it is up to par with our highly developed booze pallet.

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