Cape Cod Yard Sale For Men Ad Of The Day – KinkLab Restraint System


First things first… There’s a Cape Cod Yard Sale For Men on Facebook? Yes there is. I just checked it out and it is EXACTLY what you would think it is. Old, piece of shit motorcycles, lawn mowers, video games and boat trailers all over the place, and they are all over priced. Why? Because guys get attached to things, they keep them until their wives make them get rid of them, and then they think their piece of crap is worth a million dollars because they used to clean it 12 times a week to get away from the wife that is making them sell it.

As for The Gimp up there selling the dungeon straps, when you’re done with Bruce Willis and Marsellus Wallace you might contemplate taking that ad down. The Cape Cod Yard Sale For Men Facebook page isn’t like Vegas, it’s a public forum that thousands of people can see. Not because there’s any shame in tying up a lady friend, there isn’t. More because this ad says two things about you. You don’t follow through with promises, you’re dumb, and you’re poor.

If you did what you said you were going to do, you’d have Anastasia Steele in your basement right now. Instead you are selling your restraints on Facebook for $25 because you are obviously way more poor than you are discreet. Nothing like bearing your soul on social media, this ad says more than any ghetto status possibly could. Clean it up bro.

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