Cape Cod War Veteran And His Service Dog Kicked Out Of Verizon Store

service dog – A local army veteran says his rights were violated after he was asked to leave a Verizon store in South Carolina for having his service dog with him.

Curtis Frye of Falmouth, a 20-year army veteran who saw time in Iraq and Kosovo, was travelling to Florida when he stopped at a Verizon Store in Florence, South Carolina.

Frye said a manager asked him to leave the store because he had his dog Nick with him, despite a sign at the store saying they allowed service dogs. Frye said he objected but eventually left the store.

“I had all these eyes just staring at me. It’s not a comfortable situation for any veteran just in general, but especially with PTSD and depression and anxiety and all the things I deal with. It was overwhelming,” Frye said, who also called the experiencing humiliating and difficult.

How can someone be this stupid in the year 2015? Hey Verizon manager, how have you made it this far in life without hearing about veterans of war having service dogs? How have you made it to the level of manager of the store and never noticed the sign that says you allow them… on the freakin’ store that you manage? How is it that even if you haven’t heard of anything, ever, that you don’t immediately change your mind when the guy tells you he’s a war veteran and needs the dog with him? Do you hear that noise? That’s reason, you should listen to it sometime.

Also, it’s a Verizon store, it’s not a HEPA filtered biology lab. Chill out, I’m pretty sure the dog isn’t going to open the glass case and lick the iPhones. Verizon needs to fire this manager immediately, and not even for any political or moral reasons. He should be fired solely because he’s too stupid to realize the backlash that will result from treating a guy who fought for his country like a crackhead. Being a dick is one thing, but being a total moron is inexcusable.

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