Cape Cod Virtual Yard Sale Ad Of The Day – Purple Pleasure Adult Sling


I have a question. How does someone not know if they are “adventurous” enough to enjoy a purple pleasure sling? That’s a pretty specialized piece of equipment, it’s not like buying a pair of pants and then realizing that they just don’t fit right. Like, I know I’m not a leopard print Speedo guy. I don’t need to buy one and try it to make sure. Basically, if you have a drawer or shelf dedicated to flavored lubricants and sex toys, go ahead and get yourself a purple pleasure sling. If not, save your money.

One thing I can tell you for sure is if I did buy the purple pleasure sling and decided it wasn’t for me, I would eat the $50. Nothing like telling 30 thousand or so people on the internet that while you thought you were a freak in the sack, sadly, it turns out that you aren’t. Might as well wear a T-Shirt that says “Missionary With The Lights Off And Socks On Is How I Roll”.

P.S. You know you want to Google those missing instructions. Go ahead and do it.

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