Cape Cod Tweet Of The Day – Plane Runs Into Trees In Chatham

You couldn’t pay me to get in a plane that small. They always say the same thing whenever you get into a small plane like that and it inevitably starts shaking violently.

“Oh, don’t worry, we could land this thing on the highway if we had to.”

Oh really? How and why do you know that? How often do you need to land one of these on the highway for that to be the go to speech when you hit turbulence? Why should that make me feel better anyway? Do you know what else uses highways? 18 Wheelers and Chevy Suburbans and shit. Who do you think wins a battle between a Mack truck and one of these balsa wood airplanes with a twisted up rubber band turning the prop?

I’d rather put on some flippers and play in a water polo match with a bunch of gray seals off the coast of Nantucket than get in one of those remote control Kennedy killers.


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