Cape Cod Problems – Town Neck Beach In Sandwich Is Eroding

town neck – Sandwich town officials are proposing tapping up to $10 million in federal funds to renourish almost one mile of eroded beach along Town Neck.

Town manager George H. Dunham discussed the proposal Monday night with the Sandwich Community Preservation Committee.

$10 Mil to dump some new sand on a mile of beach? Maybe we can get that David Rogers guy to bring his Bobcat to Sandwich once he gets it out of the mud in Chatham. That could be how he pays his debt to society for bulldozing those wetlands. He’s got experience and an obvious penchant for playing Mother Nature.

Outsiders may see this as frivolous but we are in the know. Everything else on Cape Cod is perfect, there is literally nothing more important for us to spend $10 million on than new sand for a beach. I dare anyone to find any program that does anything more important around here that could use $10 mil.

So hate if you want America, but it’s not our fault that our peninsula’s only problem is that one of our beaches needs some more sand. Cape Cod problems may seem petty to you, but they are very real to us.

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