Cape Cod Healthcare To Ban Smoking On All Facility Grounds On Jan. 1st

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CCT – As of January 1, 2015, there will be no more lighting up at Cape Cod or Falmouth Hospital or any of Cape Cod Healthcare’s (CCHC) other facilities. In a statement Tuesday, CCHC announced that all facilities on Cape Cod will be tobacco free come the first of the year.

CCHC President & CEO Michael Lauf called the reason for the new policy simple. “We are a healthcare system and our mission is to treat and heal illness and disease, which means we must not only provide the best care possible, but we must also lead by example,” Lauf said.

Ok, once again I’ll have to be the voice of reason around here. I understand this ban, as a matter of fact I would have assumed it was put into effect a long time ago. Here’s the problem though…

What about the time honored tradition of a guy having a cigar with his buddies after having a baby? What will become of the ceremony of triumph in which a man celebrates his ability to stand around and do nothing while his wife labors for hours to bring the miracle of a new life into the world?

We might need to start a petition to get a designated new father cigar area built somewhere on hospital grounds. I don’t think Cape Cod Healthcare understands the importance of the very first time a man disappears with his buddies leaving his wife with the kid to do all the work.

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