Cape Cod Craigslist Ad – Ladies This Dude Will Cuddle With You For $30 An Hour

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Craigslist – Ladies have you been feeling lonely or need a hug? Everyone could use some human touch and let’s be honest, some of you won’t cuddle friends, only a significant other. Cuddling is shown to release endorphins, which is shown to reduce stress, blood pressure and anxiety. Some people don’t have people to cuddle with, but that doesn’t mean you should have to go without. Affection is an art form and cuddling is a cozy expression of it. I have always loved to cuddle and figured, why not? I don’t want to be doing something for the sole purpose of making money; I want to enjoy what I’m doing and help others as well. For $30/hour I will cuddle you in a location of your choosing after an initial (free) 45 minute meeting, please leave your name and number if you’re interested ty>

Ladies let me give you a piece of advice. There are only two, count them, two possible ways that answering this ad could end up. One of them is you getting the hose because you wouldn’t put the lotion in the basket. The other is you cuddling with a guy that has higher estrogen levels than you and being horribly over charged for it, because there is exactly a 0% chance this dude is straight.

If this dude actually pulls this off and gets any girls to do this, it will be the worst fleecing of women by a gay guy since Gianni Versace started selling $30 handbags for $2 grand. I don’t care if you look like Anne Ramsey and have the personality of a newt. I am 100% positive you can find some schlub willing to cuddle with you for free just on the off hand chance that you are a deep enough sleeper that he can give himself the stranger with your hand while you are snoozing.

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