Cape Cod Craigslist Ad Of The Day – Wrestlers Wanted


CL – Seeking wrestling actors $100 an hour

Seeking slim/muscled males for pro style wrestling. No experience needed and it is a laid back, low pressure environment. Payment starts at $100 per filmed hour.

What the hell? How was Insane Tony not immediately contac… oh wait, slim/muscled? Right.

Anyways, this seems like a great opportunity for all you aspiring WWE wrestlers struggling to find your big break on Cape Cod. $100 per hour isn’t too shabby. Unfortunately there is no chance whatsoever that this match doesn’t turn into a sword fight.

Talk about an emotional roller coaster. One minute you’ve got the entire world in a figure four leg lock and the next thing you know you’re playing tummy sticks with The Iron Sheik while some random dude from Craigslist films it with an iPhone 3.

P.S. It’s really too bad about the slim/muscled thing because Insane Tony would really be perfect for either scenario.

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