Cape Cod Craigslist Ad Of The Day – Who Wants To Be Murdered?


Bored stiff ? How about adding a little excitement to your life ?

I’m a photographer who lives in NY. How about if I drive to the Cape, you and I meet and you pose for some super sexy ( but not pornographic ) still, black and white photos. I pay you $100.00 cash for an hour’s modeling and then I get in my car and drive back to NY. You never see or hear from me again. Your photos never show up in any magazine, on any web site or anywhere else. I keep them for my personal collection only.

100 bucks cash, fun, exciting and no one ever knows ! NO ONE EVER KNOWS !

This one doesn’t seem sketchy at all. A guy in the largest city in the country, packed full of hot women who want to be models, wants to drive 6 hours to snap a few shots of you? I’m sure this is all on the up and up. At the very least it’s worth the risk for $100. That’s life altering money right there.

Let’s rewrite this ad with this guys true inentions:

I am a guy with a camera who lives in New Bedford. How about I drive to a place where nobody can identify me and pay you no money to kill you. Nobody ever sees or hears from me again. Your photo shows up on a milk carton and in Amber Alerts. I keep your hair for the wig I am making. The best part is no one ever knows ! NO ONE EVER KNOWS !

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