Cape Cod Craigslist Ad Of The Day – Lost Duck

black duck

Daffy is missing. He is large friendly black duck. Large black ducks are not native so please contact me if you see one.

Question, are “missing” and “lost” the appropriate words here? I’m pretty sure Daffy isn’t missing or lost, Daffy flew away bro. Ducks don’t get lost, they have built in GPS and know where to eat, nest, get warm etc.

I think I figured out what is going on here when you said “large black ducks are not native”. This could be a Blind Side situation and some Cape Cod family adopted Daffy just to develop his football skills and get him to go to their alma mater.

Daffy isn’t missing, he probably just found out his adopted family wants him to go to Ole Miss, got pissed and left.

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