Cape Cod Craigslist Ad Of The Day – Beauty Seeks Cash Allowance


CL – Beauty seeks cash allowance

Girl seeks minimum $800 a day allowance from one kind gentleman. I am strapped for cash and can offer lots of different things. Fun, outings, massage, smiles, positivity, etc. let me know if this can work for you and if you’re looking to spend time with a beautiful 21 year old girl. Please only men over 45 and have a great job. I’m not looking for another job. I am a waitress/bartender and will be starting school in the sept 4th. I have bills that are past due and not enough to cover them. Send phone number and photo 🙂 I’ll call you today to talk about what you can offer and what you’d like.
Your comments and replies are not needed unless they are to help me thank you I’m nervous enough as it is and hopeful to find one gentleman

Well, here is reason 367 that if I ever have a daughter she is going into the river in a burlap sack. I just can’t do it knowing this type of thing exists. I mean, if you are a father and you somehow find out your daughter is placing ads like this then you have no choice but to kill yourself right?

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about how delusional this girl is. Honey, first of all, let’s cut the shit with the innuendo and call a spade a spade. The title of this ad should not be “Beauty Seeks Cash Allowance”, it should be “Prostitute Seeks New Customers”. More importantly than that, $800 a day? Who are you Gisele Bundchen? That’s over $200,000 a year. I hope whoever posted this ad reads this, because you need a reality check on how the world works honey.

Here is a harsh reality for you. Guys on Cape Cod that are rich enough to afford $200k whores, don’t need prostitutes, they are rich enough that there are regular chicks lined up to sleep with them. That’s how being rich works. Good luck with your ad on the Cape Cod Craigslist looking to become the highest paid whore in the country though, I think I’ll go post one looking for an 8 year $180 million dollar contract from The Red Sox. That’s how Big Papi did it right?

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  1. Bitch is trippin if she thinks she's getting $800 a day!!! Like some old duffer is gonna shell out $24,000 a month for "outings" and "massage." I wouldn't even drop that for "blowies" and "anal."

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