Cape Cod Couple Wins $15 Million On A Scratchy!

supreme millions

CCT – A recently married Orleans woman has something else to celebrate. On Saturday, Stacy Foster purchased a winning $30 Supreme Millions” scratch ticket at the Tedeschi at 2360 Route 6 in Eastham making her the first $15 million winner for the new game. According to a release from the Massachusetts State Lottery, Foster and her husband who wed on May 1, requested a $30 ticket from a dispenser in the convenience store and was told by the clerk she would need to get the ticket from a different dispenser.

A closed cash register and a different dispenser made Foster and her husband David millionaires.
According to the release, the couple took the one-time cash payment of $9,750,000 less taxes.

Dammit. This just reduces the odds for the rest of us Cape Codders. The odds for winning this $15 million dollar prize is listed at 1 in 7.5 million. I’m no mathematician but those odds probably drop quite a bit when someone close to you geographically already won. The odds drop even further for most of us because we don’t buy scratch tickets due to the fact that gambling against a government controlled computer seems kinda futile.

I’m inspired by this story though. I’m going to turn in my blogger card and live the glamorous lifestyle of a Mass Lottery gambler guy. We’ve all seen them, with their velcro shoes, drinking shitty coffee from a styrofoam cup, sitting on a cheap folding chair in the back of a Tedeschi. Scratching away like the wind all while multi tasking rounds of Keno in between.

Forget the fact that there is a zero percent chance of coming out on top in the long run. Lotto Guy doesn’t care that he could probably live the life he is wishing for if he just saved the money he spends on the lottery. Who gives a shit if it takes $1,000 to win $20, it feels soooo good to win that $20. Scratch tickets are unfair? Lotto Guy don’t care!

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