Article Claims Worcester Is More Gay Friendly Than P-Town… Wait, What?

ptown – There may be no town in Massachusetts as gay-friendly as Provincetown. From the bars to the leather shops on Commercial Street to the nude beaches, the town at the tip of Cape Cod is out and proud. If it did have competition for gay-friendliest town in the state, it would probably be Northampton, which arguably has more lesbian couples per capita than any other community in the nation.

But, according to the Human Rights Campaign, these two towns, along with Northampton’s ultraliberal neighbor Amherst, pale in comparison to cities such as Worcester and Boston when it comes to protecting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender residents. If you assumed the opposite, well, that’s just part of the problem.

So according to some study with lots of numbers and charts Worcester is more gay friendly than Provincetown? Ummm… I’m going to have to go ahead and beg to differ. There is absolutely zero chance that the people who did this study, nor the author of this article, have spent any time in either P-Town or Wormtown. I can prove this study is 100% wrong by using a super sensitive and detailed algorithm known as OPENING YOUR EYES AND LOOKING AROUND.

What are they basing this proclamation on you ask? Well, there’s this…

Provincetown does not have an LGBT liaison to the city executive or a human rights commission to represent and advocate on behalf of the town’s LGBT citizens. Perhaps at the center of these gaps in equality efforts, the municipality also received no points for city leadership on pro-equality legislative or policy efforts.

Ha ha ha ha! P-Town doesn’t have an LGBT liason to advocate on behalf of the gays? Are you shitting me? Does anyone think that they actually need one? No points for pro-equality legislative or policy efforts? Is this the bizarro world? Provincetown’s ENTIRE policy is to be as gay as humanly possible all day every day in every aspect of everything. Places like Worcester might need pro gay legislation, but P-Town needs pro gay legislation about as much as I need Ebola, I’m pretty sure they are doing just fine.

I’ve heard quite a few things in my day, but saying Worcester is more gay friendly than Provincetown because Worcester passed a couple of pro gay laws and has one gay dude that they made into a “liason” might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Don’t you dare tell us our gay town isn’t still the gayest town in Massachusetts. We will out gay anyone! Our gays are the gayest gays in the history of gay! We will run big gay circles around the competition!

WE’RE HERE, WE’RE QUE…. OK you get the point.

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