Are Blood Drives On The Cape In January A Good Idea?

bac – In response to an ever present need, Cape Cod Healthcare will hold twelve blood drives in January, National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. According to a release from Cape Cod Healthcare, January is an especially challenging month when it comes to blood donations.

Several factors including illness and inclement weather can keep donors from giving.

I don’t think it’s just “illness and inclement weather” that is going to keep people on Cape Cod from donating blood in the middle of the winter. It might have more to do with the fact that the average persons blood alcohol level is about 0.25 in January. It’s kinda tough to donate blood when there’s basically Bloody Mary’s coursing through your veins.

On the flip side I guess getting some January Cape Cod blood in a transfusion would be nice. No matter how sick or dying you were before won’t matter to you at all once you get some townie blood in you. You’ll be so shitfaced that you’ll probably just crush some hospital food, try to bang your nurse and pass out mumbling about high school football.

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