I Bet You Didn’t Have A Worse Day Than These Fishermen In Wellfleet Yesterday

naviator sunk

This is why I have the utmost respect for fisherman. Imagine if there was a distinct possibility that when you show up for work in the morning your office may have sunk the night before? Everything is stacked against these guys, mother nature, the government, environmentalists, everyone makes their lives miserable,  but everyone still wants their fish and chips for under $10.

Listen I’m all for conserving our fisheries and stocks of fish, but it seems like some people see the fishermen as the bad guys. Believe me it’s not these smaller local guys fault, you think they want to be out of a job in a few years? If anything they are the ones we should be listening to on how to keep fish stocks up, not some guy behind a desk with an agricultural degree from Iowa State.

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