Beer Review: The New Naukabout Lighthouse Ale

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There are quite a few perks that come with being the most famous blogger on Cape Cod. I get to go days at a time without putting on pants, I get to try products that you can’t get yet, and most days I don’t have to put on pants, but probably the best perk is the fact that I don’t have to wear pants. Oh, and free beer!

Anyway, I recently exploited one of these luxuries that are only accorded to people who live the illustrious #bloglife. The guys from Naukabout were kind enough to get me one of the very first six packs of their new Lighthouse Ale. In the name of science, and to make sure you, the readers, received a proper review, I made sure to drink all six of them immediately. Here are the results.

The Lighthouse Ale tastes like… well, summer. You know those hot days when you are staring at the beer cooler at the store for like 20 minutes because you can’t decide what to get? You really want something with some nice real beer flavor, but it’s too damn hot for that, and you just don’t feel like drinking watered down swill either? This is the perfect time for the Lighthouse Ale.

It has plenty of flavor but is light enough to not weigh you down. It’s not one of those types of beer that they just water down to make light either, it has a nice, rounded, smooth flavor, not like hops soaked in water. It is definitely not one of those beers that you can only drink one or two of, this is a beer you can drink all night.

Being the man of the people that I am, I will put this theory to the test tonight at our Keller Williams show tonight by drinking about 27 of them. The guys from Naukabout will be at the show with samples so even you average Joe’s can get a taste of this new brew. Make sure to find them and Nauk one back.

P.S. Bloggin’ ain’t easy!

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