Barnstable Patch – Watching Marathon Bombing On Television More Stressful Than Being There

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Barnstable Patch – A new study concludes that immersing yourself in wall-to-wall coverage of trauma can be more stressful than witnessing the actual event.

People who watched six hours or more of media coverage in the week after the Marathon bombing were nine times more likely to show signs of acute stress than people with minimal exposure to the troubling news. And those who binged on media coverage even had higher levels of stress than people who had been directly exposed to the horrors of April 15, 2013.

Ding, ding, ding… we’ve got a winner in the contest for most asinine scientific “studies” in history. I don’t give a shit if you watched the most gruesome coverage of the bombings on a loop for twenty years straight, there is no way in hell that can compare to witnessing what happened there in person.

If anyone reading this ever encounters a human being that claims to have been through more stress watching this on TV than the people who saw it with their own eyes, do me a favor and punch them directly in the eyeball. Whoever conducted this “study” forgot to add one simple criteria. Common fucking sense.

By this logic someone could say that watching the TV coverage of the war in Afghanistan has been more taxing on them than the actual war has been to a soldier that was actually there, which is such a ridiculous thing to propose that my keyboard just reached up and slapped me in the face for typing it. So I propose that National Academy of Science takes this particular study and kindly shoves it directly up their ass.

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