Spiritual Rez Friday and Saturday Night At The Beach House – Insane Tony Still Alive

rez beach hosue

(Editor’s note: How about Insane Tony coming out of the wood work with his first post in seventeen years! Last time we saw Spiritual Rez they absolutely destroyed it at The Real Cape Music Festival. Tony may be insane, but he’s right about not wanting to miss these guys.)

Most of you know that a shit load of things get better at the end. Happy endings after a massage, that beer after last call are just a few. Summer on Cape Cod is no exception. Labor day is a time for us to celebrate that we get our man made island back to our selves.

We all have the chance to go out in style at The Beach House the next two nights.  Honorary locals Spiritual Rez are gonna be blowing the roof off the place as usual. As a special addition tonight they are bringing along the up and coming hip hop band Viva La Hop. This combo is going to be deadly to the dance floor at The Beach House. Trust me on this one folks, you are gonna need to call in a dancing shoe back ups for yourself.

So come on down and celebrate with a good old fashion boogie down. Face it, you owe it to yourself after the partying and work you did all summer.

P.S-I just got a call to host tonight. BAAAM. See you there.

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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – Isel Garcia-Renart


When I hear the phrase “soul sista” one young Cape Codder comes to mind. Isel Garcia-Renart of Falmouth is an amazing talent with an even more amazing voice. She is on of the top female acts here on the Cape and should not be missed. Her smooth soulful sound gives you that “Right by the beach boooyyy” feeling. Her 13 track self titled album came out in 2009. With such jams as “Herbal Remedies”, “Lovesong” and “Better Things”.

Isel and reggae D.J Selectah Niko Onedrop will be kicking off summertime in Woods Hole this Friday at Phusion from 9 p.m-1 a.m, with “The 2nd Annual Daniel Tha Lion Earth Strong Celebration”. Phusion will be having a special deal on Red Stripe all night. If you love reggae and great live music (or Red Stripe) you need to mark Friday on your calender as a don’t miss. Isel has some very talented friends from across the Cape and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them stop by on Friday to help celebrate Tha Lion and summertime.

P.S- A little secret Isel (A.K.A Olive Mia) also performs with The Brazen Belles Burlesque troupe.

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Insane Tony’s Top 7 Music Movies

almost famous

Sitting on the couch this weekend watching Howard Sterns Private Parts on VH1 classic got me thinking. (Before I tell you my genius thought, I will remind you that watching movies i.e. Private Parts on censored T.V. SUCKS BALLS. I love Howard too much to change it or put in my DVD copy. Yes I am that lazy.) I realized that I need to do a music movie countdown, so obviously had to pick the top 7.

This world renowned Top 7 does not include documentaries. Concert specials such as Woodstock will also not be here, those are two completely different beast. Drum roll please……..

7. Saturday Night Fever- Some people hate disco but you gotta respect this pick. I know 99% of you have strutted down the street while The Bee Gees occupied your brain.

6.The Wall- This movie was a constant in my “experimental” days. From the soundtrack to the visual stimulation it’s a true classic.

5.Almost Famous- A great look at the rock and roll lifestyle.

4.Walk The Line- The life of Johnny Cash, not much more needed to say.

3.The Blues Brothers- The amount of star power in this is amazing. Add in some of the most memorable movie moments and you have this great flick.

2. 8 Mile- Our more experienced readers may not know about this one, but trust me on it. The rhyming in the movie is on point. This one gave a new generation a voice.

1. The Doors- The Lizard King, Jimbo, Jim, whatever you call him he is the MAN. A band such as The Doors only comes along once in a great while. They burst on the scene and absolutely tore it apart. If this movie doesn’t make you want to be a rock star you can stop listening to music right as this moment for the rest of your life.

“WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Why didn’t Spinal Tap make it?” I can hear it now. It’s my list. So let the debate begin.

Editor’s note: You’ve gotta have at least one Beatles movie on this list. If not then you are insane… oh wait, nevermind. Also, and I say this with a staunch history of heterosexuality, The Sound of Music needs to be here as well.

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Insane Tony’s Local Music Hour – Video Of The Bulife And Ceej At The Beach House


I have given you a review of what was our first sponsored concert, and now where is video footage of it. This is the event as seen through the eyes of the guys of The BuLife. Thanks once again to The BuLife, Mighty Ceej, and The Beach House. and keep your eyes open for a summer full of music brought to you by us here at The Real Cape.

Also make sure to check out Bulife at The Velvet Lounge in Provincetown on May 3rd

P.S. If you weren’t there you also missed an amazing cameo by OG from Unda The Influence!


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Insane Tony’s Top 5 Cool 102 Songs


Spring is now here, and that means windows down and music cranked. For those lucky Cape residents living a luxury lifestyle as my self, there’s a good chance your car radio is fucked up. For everyone it’s a different problem with the radio, the problem in my luxury 1996 SUV is that it is stuck on Cool 102 all the time. I happen to love cool classics so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for me.

So after listening to Cool 102 every day I decided to look at the Top 5 songs that get cranked when they come on. I am talking about the songs that get me in the zone so hard that I swear I’m inside the video shoot.

5. Tiny Dancer-Every time this song comes on I feel like I am on the Stillwater tour bus.

4.Glory Days-I mean if this song doesn’t get you jammin in your car you need to check your pulse.

3. Light My Fire- For years I thought I was Jim Morrison. Those where some blurry years to say the least.

2.Another Brick In The Wall- This one takes me back to the good old experimental days and watching “The Wall” over and over and over.

1.Sweet Home Alabama- If a song tells you too turn it up at the begging, you better listen and crank that shit.

I know there’s a million other songs out there that need to get turned up, but now you know where I am coming from.

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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – Toussaint and Dub Apocalypse


If you take Mr. Nice Guy, Scarface and Brian from the movie Half Baked and put the three of them in a mixing bowl and mix on high for 2 minutes what would you get? The answer is Dub Apocalypse & Toussaint the Liberator. Dub has been a regular visitor to the Cape in all four seasons for the last few years. Toussaint is one of those musicians that seems to have collaborated with what seems like every band in the world.

Dub Apocalypse is based out of Beantown and is an all star and ever evolving cast of some of Bostons best musicians. Led by drummer Tommy Benedetti (John Browns Body) and Johnny Trama (Nate Wilson Group) on guitar, they play an impressive array of original dub reggae instrumentals, with wild improvisation and Benedetti’s dirty break beats, this band never disappoints. The band is often joined by Benedetti’s band mate in John Browns Body Nate Edgar on bass. The ultra talented, legendary ladies man Timo Shanko (G-Love) is another key member of the band. Whether he is filling in for Edgar on bass or joining him on Saxophone, Shanko’s stage presence is undeniable. Aaron Bellamy (Nephrok! All-stars) is another pro on the bass who moonlights for the band from time to time.

Toussaint’s vocal versatility will captivate any unsuspecting listener and deliver his proud message straight to the heart. Toussaint is a dynamic independent artist with a powerful voice, a serious message, and undeniable talent. Whether performing on stage or working with youth groups, Toussaint is steady in his mission to build a community of music lovers ready for change. In 2006, after five years of making a name for himself and carving out his niche in the Boston, Massachusetts music scene, Toussaint joined forces with the band Soulive. On 4/20/12 he released “Where I Lead” and it is a throwback analog reggae album produced jointly between I Dwell and Gatorwood Productions. It features cameos from reggae legends Mikey General and Kulcha Knox Dixon. And in a different vein “Dear Mama Earth”, a modernly smooth soul-reggae sound with an environmental message created with young powerhouse producer Brian McKenna from NYC was also released in 2012.

If you want your reggae booty to get movin head to The Beach House in North Falmouth on Saturday 4/5. If you have a friend with their medical card be sure to call him/her up and see if their irie ass needs a ride.

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Insane Tony Ranks The Top 10 Playground Games Of All Time


In my never ending battle to bring you the best of everything awesome, I have decided to take you back to when things where much simpler. Today I bring you my list of “Top 10 Playground Games.” Now, just to clarify, these are games that are played on the playground, and not gym class. Yes, dodge ball falls in this category, cause if it’s not played inside the god damn balls will never stop rolling. And that shit sucks.

10. H.O.R.S.E: This is where you show not only how wet your J is from the elbow, but how you can hit a shot sitting indian style with your eyes closed. Yes, I have hit that shot.

9. Hide and Seek: This is an all-time classic. There’s not much better than finding the one hiding spot where not even Seal Team 6 can find you. Oh wait, ya there is. Finding the kid who thought he had the greatest hiding spot…in about 2 seconds flat.

8. Keep Away: I fucking hate this game.

7. Red Light Green Light: I guarantee Hippie is that little shit that tries to inch closer while you have Red Light in play. Then cried cause you caught him.

6. Kill The Man With The Ball: This was the ultimate show off game for kids. There’s no way teachers didn’t have bets going on these games…on who would be coming back to class, and who wouldn’t. This game kept the school nurse employed through the 80’s. There’s also no way kids are still playing this now.

5. Red Rover: “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Billy over.” What an awesome game. You get a chance to cloths line the shit out of the little bastard who called you fat on the bus that morning.

4. Tag(T.V/Freeze): Another timeless classic. I always loved me a good game of T.V tag…to see who was the biggest couch potato, and who could come up with the most random show.

3. Tether Ball: Nothing like going home with rope burns on your arm….just as long as you can brag about your one hit win over your best friend.

2. Bombardment/Butts Up: Things don’t get much more old school playground than this. I mean lining classmates up to whip a ball at them. Pure genius, whoever thought of this game. There was always that one man-child you feared…for the love of god, he wasn’t aiming for you!

1. Kickball: The undisputed king of the playground!


Editor’s note: Is he kidding me with #7? I absolutely 100% inched closer during red lights. You play. To win. The game. As for Insane Tony catching me? Take a look at this pic of Tony as a child and you tell me if you think he ever “caught” anyone in Red Light Green Light…


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