Anti Obama Signs Burned In Cotuit

obama – COTUIT – Two anti-Obama signs at a residence on Santuit-Newtown Road were reported this morning as deliberately burned, according to police and fire officials.

Both signs had a yellowish liquid residue on them, possibly indicating that an accelerant was used, the police report of Patrol Officer Joseph Green stated.

The value of the two signs is $140, the police report stated. The homeowner regularly has signs on his property and he told police he has had some vandalism before but not to the point of the signs being burned, the report stated. A camera that he has set up in a tree to monitor vandalism was covered with snow, he said.

You know the country has gone batshit insane when the lefties are setting the right wingers signs on fire. Aren’t the liberals supposed to be the ones getting bullied? What’s next, gun control activists firing tear gas into a pro 2nd amendment crowd?

It’s a topsy turvy world we are living in folks, up is down, left is right, liberals are intimidating the right wingers. I for one long for the good old days when hippies just wanted to burn a bowl with their neighbors instead of their lawn signs. When the Fundamentalist right just wanted to complain about the hippies and their drugs while they pop prescription pills and listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Stuff like this does make me ponder deep philosophical questions though. Like which is a more futile gesture with less chance of instituting actual change; Putting an anti Obama sign in your yard in Cotuit, or burning an anti Obama sign on a lawn in Cotuit?

The answer of course is that it’s a tie. They are both 100% useless, at no time did either have any chance of influencing political change and we are all dumber for having to read about the whole thing.

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