Is This An Aerial Video Of Wellfleet Or Alaska?

Frozen Harbor: Aerial video of frozen ocean harbor in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, MA captured with multi-rotor hexacopter from NotAdrone on Vimeo.

 On our way home from shooting my Over the Cliff video, we noticed these icebergs scattered along the Wellfleet Harbor in Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Wellfleet Oysters anyone?). With one battery and about 15 minutes of sunlight left, I could not pass the opportunity to get this footage. This ocean harbor is on the bayside, protected from waves, and it’s shallow edges froze over during a cold-snap (infamous “Polar Vortex”). The ice was torn by the tides, creating this beautiful iceberg mosaic in the water and on land.

Created by: Petr Hejl
Music: To the Sky by Alex Louder

Seriously, this looks like a clip from Deadliest Catch. I have no doubt left in my mind that this has been the most brutal winter in the history of everything. Thank god blogging doesn’t require going outside. (or pants)

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