Add Sneaker Jacking To The List Of Things You Need To Worry About In Hyannis


HYANNIS – A 20-year-old Hyannis man was arrested Monday night after allegedly stealing a pair of Nike LeBron sneakers in a Craigslist deal gone bad.

Conner Tynan allegedly contacted a teen who put the sneakers up for sale on the Internet shopping site and asked him to meet on Denver Street, Barnstable Police Sgt. Michael Riley said.

After the teen’s father drove him to the site, the teen got out and showed the sneakers to Tynan, who allegedly shoved him, grabbed the sneakers and ran, Riley said.

A police K-9 unit tracked Tynan to a house on Hamden Circle, where Tynan was arrested on a charge of unarmed robbery, Riley said.

The sneakers – along with Tynan’s outer garments – were recovered near Connemara Circle, Riley said.

Earlier today we added having your face eaten to the list of things you need to worry about in Hyannis. Now we find out the glory days of selling used sneakers on Craigslist has come to an end as well. Is nothing sacred anymore? In all fairness this dude was kind of asking to get jacked though.

Here are some words of wisdom for the teen and his father that agreed to meet a random person from Craigslist on a random street. You are lucky you were only the victim of an unarmed robbery. Meeting a rando from CL on the street ends up with you in pieces in a dumpster behind a Dunkin’ Donuts 87% of the time. Fact.

P.S. “The sneakers – along with Tynan’s outer garments – were recovered near Connemara Circle” – Wait… what? Are they saying this dude got nekkid after the robbery?

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