9 Year Old Pulls Off The Greatest Hustle In Cape Cod History


FULL STORY HERE – For elementary schoolers, summer vacation is often a time for projects. Cleaning out your room, maybe helping plant and water the garden, or learning about entrepreneurship via lemonade stand economics.

For Holliston 9-year-old Libby Stott, last summer’s project was finding the best ice cream on Cape Cod. Not such a bad self-assignment.

After deciding to undertake this mission, with help from her aunt Darby Stott and some consulting from her ice cream-loving grandfather Jon, Libby narrowed down the playing field to ice cream places primarily between Falmouth and Dennis…

…Libby, who says she didn’t get sick of eating ice cream while testing all the competitors, is not a very harsh critic. No shop received below a “7” for its ice cream.

Congratulations Libby Stott you have cemented your status as a Cape Cod legend, what you pulled off is an inspiration to many.

That said. Every one of the adults in this girls life should have their license taken away because there is no way they can drive with the amount of wool Libby pulled over their eyes. This girl is my hero. Best hustle in the history of hustles. She is a flat out genius, what’s next for her? Is she going to win the science fair with her study on how eight candy bars a day and 1:30 a.m. bed times lead to an inner sense of peace among adolescents?

You know what my summer projects were when I was young? Carrying bundles of asphalt roof shingles up a forty foot ladder in 90 degree heat. Meanwhile Libby is just laboring over the pros and cons of chocolate chip cookie dough vs. black raspberry at assorted Cape Cod ice cream parlors.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to my winter project of comparing every type of beer at bars all across Cape Cod, If aunt Darby and grandfather Jon happen to read this, I could use some help with the tabs I’ll be running up if you want to teach me whatever life lesson you think Libby learned from her summer long Cape Cod ice cream tour.

P.S. “No shop received below a “7” for its ice cream.” No shit! You are 9! There is no such thing as bad ice cream when you are 9.

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