8 Year Olds Fighting On School Bus In Hyannis Draws Tactical Police Response


HyannisNews.com – A bus driver notified Hyannis Rescue and police after a fight broke out on board a summer school bus on West Main Street.

At about 1:00pm, Barnstable Police and Hyannis Rescue responded to a parking lot near the intersection of West Main Street and Lincoln Road for a fight between two young students, with one of the students reportedly bleeding…

The school bus was taking a number of eight and nine-year-olds home from summer school classes when two boys started to scrap.

One boy took a shot to the nose and was treated and released by Hyannis Rescue for a simple nose bleed…

When Hyannis News arrived, a boy was being placed in a cruiser to be transported to a Hyannis address to have a word with his parents…

Let’s see here. I count two cruisers, a motorcycle cop and an ambulance responding to two 8 year olds fighting on a school bus. Holy shit have times changed or what? When I was a kid and two 8 year old’s fought on the bus do you know what happened? The bus driver slammed on the brakes, the two kids flew through the air and smashed into the back of a seat. The kids then looked up in horror as the bus driver snatched each one by the back of the shirt like a kitten and gave them a tongue lashing. No police, not even any parents or teachers were involved.

Now when there’s a fight between two 8 year olds a freakin’ S.W.A.T. team shows up and starts throwing little kids in the back of cruisers and shit. Look, I’m not blaming the bus driver or the cops, they have to respond this way or people freak out. I’m just saying it’s a different world, we live in a police state because everyone is so scared shitless by what we see in our newsfeeds on our phones everyday that we think every little problem is a god damn apocalypse.

Everybody just calm the fuck down and let’s have a pot luck dinner or something. Jeez.

P.S. Eight year old’s Dude.

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  1. It's not the 8-year-olds that are attracting all the attention from the authorities. It's their parent's lawyers.

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